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Polylift is Central Alberta’s leading polyjacking company. If you’ve got a question, we’d be happy to answer it. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers. If you’d like to know more, please reach out to us.

Polyjacking is a fast, economical and eco-friendly process for lifting sunken or misaligned concrete slabs. Injection holes are strategically drilled in the surface of the concrete slab, and a unique polyurethane formulation is pumped under hydraulic pressure through the holes. The polyurethane fills the sub-slab voids and lifts the slab back into alignment.

Nearly any flat concrete structure can be realigned, including residential driveways, sidewalks, garage floors, patios and steps. Polyjacking is highly effective for commercial and industrial office floors, manufactured floors along with municipal gutters, drains, sidewalks and aprons.

Polyurethane levelling requires fewer and smaller injection holes than traditional grout and mudjacking approaches. Polyurethane is a permanent product that will not break down, erode or wash away.

Over time, voids appear under the concrete with the most common culprits being poor drainage, soil erosion, settlement and improper soil compaction before initial installation.

As long as the ground beneath the concrete is not frozen, polyjacking can be performed in the Spring, Summer or Fall. For indoor projects in a heated environment, work can be performed year-round.

Typically, the injection holes are 5/8 inch in diameter, slightly smaller than the diameter of a dime.

Injection holes are “filled” with a patch comprised of cement and sand and are virtually invisible when dry.

Absolutely! If your concrete slab is more than a decade old and sinks more than a ¼ inch within one year of the process, Polylift with re-adjust the settled slab at no additional charge. Review your estimate for complete warranty details.

Unlike a traditional sand/cement mixture, polyurethane will set up in water and will not move or wash away over time.  

We do not accept credit cards, just cash or cheques.

No deposit is required for the work to commence.

Certainly! Polyurethane will expand into a gap as narrow as 1/32 of an inch. Our two-part polyurethane formulation is injected beneath the floor or behind the wall. This unique mixture will travel as far as 8 feet and will even work in situations where water is present. 

There are several advantages to polyjacking over traditional mudjacking!

  1. It’s cheaper! Polyjacking provides a permanent solution that’s cheaper than mudjacking and about 75 per cent less than the cost of removing and replacing existing concrete.
  2. Less downtime! Polyjacking is 80 per cent faster than traditional methods of repair. Polyurethane hardens in hours rather than days or weeks, and the affected area can be put back into use often the same day!
  3. Better Control! Polyurethane will never shrink so that the lift can be controlled precisely, to within 10/100 of an inch. No worries about over-lifting or shrinkage.
  4. Little Disturbance! Owning to the fact that high-density polyurethane cures so quickly, traffic controls can be removed faster and lanes can be reopened to traffic promptly following the injection process. Perfect for nighttime roadway work with reduced delays!
  5. Improved Durability! Polyurethane delivers a robust and dense base with a high compressive and tensile strength and being pliable; it is exceptional for roadway repairs, tough yet forgiving!
  6. True Conformability! Polyurethane expands to 20 times its liquid volume allowing it to move laterally beneath the pavement to fill existing voids. Polyurethane flows, allowing it to perfectly conform to the size and shape of voids delivering 100 per cent support.
  7. Soil Compaction! As the polyurethane foam expands and lifts, it also compacts base soils and binds soil particles for additional strengthening of base materials.
  8. Light Weight! While traditional mud and grout compounds add up to 100 pounds of weight per cubic foot, polyurethane adds only 2 to 3 pounds per cubic foot.
  9. Improved Structural Integrity! To maintain the structural integrity of the concrete and reduce the possibility of cracking, polyjacking injection holes are only 5/8 of an inch versus the 2 to 3-inch holes drilled for traditional lifting methods.
  10. Moisture Resistance! Our specially formulated polyurethane foam is ideal for wet conditions. The hydrophobic properties of polyurethane displace and repel water yet remain unaffected by moisture.
  11. Moisture Barrier! Polyurethane foam provides a water-proof seal for the underside of concrete joints and cracks, eliminating water penetration and erosion issues.
  12. Infrastructure Rejuvenation! Polyurethane saves counties, cities and municipalities time and money by putting them in control of ageing infrastructure.

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